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Monday, 01 March 2010 12:35

Reconnecting India and Central Asia. Emerging Security and Economic Dimensions

Reconnecting India and Central Asia. Emerging Security and Economic Dimensions

179p. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, 2010

Edited by Nirmala Joshi



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This volume constitutes an overview of the emerging and deepening relations between India and Central Asia in both the political and economic fields. The stability and security of Central Asia is of prime importance for India, which it considers part of its extended neighborhood. Intertwined with Indian concerns is the stability of Afghanistan, where it is vigorously involved in reconstruction activities. So far, India has been active mainly in infrastructure, trade, education, health and technology in the region. With enhanced economic engagement, India can help build capacities in areas such as agriculture, Information Technology, service industries, science & technology and media. Conversely, India's increasing need for energy can be addressed by the energy-rich Central Asian countries, while improved transportation networks could provide a boost to continental trade across the region, benefiting India. Integrating South and Central Asia would result in vast economic benefits to all the stakeholders involved, leading to a positive outcome for stability and security in the region.

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Individual chapters:

Cover and Contents

Preface (pp. v-xi)
S. Frederick Starr

Executive Summary (pp. 11-18)

Introduction (pp. 19-32)
Nirmala Joshi

Strategic Environment in Central Asia and India (pp. 33-79)
Arun Sahgal & Vinod Anand

Responses to Non-Traditional Threats & Challenges (pp. 81-114)
Nirmala Joshi

Regional Economic Linkages (pp. 115-171)
Gulshan Sachdeva


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