Monday, April 18, 2011

CACI Forum

"The Central-Asia Caucasus Institute"

The Impact of Events in the Arab World on Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Turkey

Among the many consequences of the upheavals that began in Tunisia and Egypt has been a dramatic rebirth of domino theories. First applied to other Arab countries, they are now being discussed with respect to countries further afield, including Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey. What are the arguments for and against such a hypothesis as it applies to the countries of these regions,, and how will it affect their foreign policies? What evidence has emerged in these countries in support of both the pro and con sides of the argument? What, if anything, is likely to occur, where, why, and how? How are regional states and publics responding to the Arab events and what  is the likely course of future developments there? These questions will be addressed by a panel of experts and by an audience that will include many persons with detailed knowledge of the regions in question.

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