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Rethinking Central Eurasia

Rethinking Central Eurasia

118p. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, 2010

By Eldar Ismailov & Vladimer Papava



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In this study, the authors share their assessments and views of the current geopolitical and geo-economic state of Central Eurasia and of the possible ways both the entire region and the individual countries belonging to it might develop. They re-examine many well-known theoretical constructs and offer a new concept, "Central Caucaso-Asia." Understanding that many of the issues raised in this study are essentially disputable, the authors welcome a constructive and substantive debate on the topic.

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Individual chapters:

Cover and Contents


Eurasia and Central Eurasia: Initial Analytical Assumptions

Eurasianism and the Concept of Central Caucaso-Asia

The Heartland Theory and the Present-Day Geopolitical Structure of Central Eurasia

Key Findings and Conclusion




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